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We create truly authentic cultural travel experiences that allow our guests to explore their unique passions and wishes while immersed in the pulse and rhythm of the destination.

Educational Experiences Abroad provides unique cultural travel itineraries for students and faculty members as well as travel enthusiasts who are interested in authentic and non-touristy experiences. We believe that the ultimate education is travel through meaningful cross-cultural encounters and experiences. We work with the best local artists, musicians, educators and historians and are constantly updating and renewing our programs to create intimate, personalized, exciting and dynamic once-in-a-lifetime adventures. 



Claire Kelly

Founder and Director

Claire’s parents met on a year-long expedition around the world, so she often says that her travel bug is genetic. Since graduating from Gettysburg College, she has independently traveled to over 30 countries. In Argentina, she worked for a local television production company and in Spain, she completed her M.A. in Spanish linguistics (Middlebury College). Over the past four years, Claire has coordinated the cultural travel of more than 1,600 participants to Cuba.  When she isn’t in the office or on the road attending to present and designing future programs, she’s out on the water in her kayak or hiking in the hills of western Massachusetts.


Gisella Casasnovas

Program Administrator

Gisella's passion for study abroad began when she spent a year in Italy while earning her B.A. in Italian and Art History. She  attended graduate school at American University’s School of International Service in Washington, D.C. and worked for the Embassy of Italy before  entering the field of International Education. Over the last decade, Gisella has worked at universities in Florida, New York and Washington, as well for study abroad program providers.  In her free time you will find Gisella outside exploring and enjoying the nature of New England.


Alejandro Murillo

Cuba Country Director

Alejandro grew up listening to both his father’s travel tales of sleeping in the vineyards of Southern France and his mother’s 1970’s Salsa LP records - its no wonder he cultivated a passion for travel and music early on. After backpacking extensively internationally, Alejandro first visited Cuba in 2010 and has since spent a combined three years working, studying, and living in Cuba. In 2014, he studied as a vocalist at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba and also holds a degree in Ethnomusicology from Goddard College. Alejandro has a particular interest in the island’s African heritage and is known to frequent establishments featuring Havana’s most talented musicians and dancers.

Berit Engstrom 2019 cropped.jpg


Cuba Program Manager

Berit grew up traveling to remote areas of the world because of her father's work as a geologist. During these travels, she became particularly interested in Latin America and the Caribbean. She spent a semester studying abroad in Havana and another semester studying on the US/Mexico border. She completed a Master's degree focusing on immigration and refugee studies in Europe, living in the Netherlands, Spain, and Latvia. She loves animals and has a dog named Wati. When she is not working or traveling, she loves being in the outdoors, especially canoeing and camping in northern Minnesota and Canada.


Lauren Petersen-Green

Colombia Program Manager

Lauren is a certified ITMI Tour Director who leads groups all around the globe, but always finds herself back in Colombia. She studied International Relations at the University of British Columbia, studied abroad in South Africa and France, and then moved to Colombia at the age of 23 to teach at the Universidad del Norte. On a weekend you can find her busting a move on the dance floor, practicing yoga before drinking the best oat milk latte in town, and finding all the Spanish speakers in her close vicinity. She’s a big advocate for responsible tourism and believes in the power of travel to transform peoples’ lives.

Academic Advisory Board

The EEAbroad Academic Advisory Board members provide guidance and contribute to the development and academic quality of EEAbroad programming. Members of the Board have experience in developing and organizing study abroad programming. 


Jeanie Murphy

Associate Professor, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Goucher College


Mercedes Fernández Isla

Faculty Member
Middlebury College, School in Spain


Michael W. dean

Associate Director, Office of Study Abroad
Old Dominion University