Countdown to Cuba!

Congratulations, you're going to Cuba! What’s next? Below is a list of pre-departure forms you need to complete and other resources to help you prepare you for your departure to Havana, Cuba. 

Online Forms 

Please be sure to complete these forms as soon as possible.

Health and Housing Form  - To be completed by May 1

☑ Flight Details Form - To be completed by May 15

☑ Cell phone lease form (optional)

Student Handbook

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The EEAbroad Student Handbook is your guide to help you prepare for your program. You will find most of your questions you may have about the city, university and general life in Cuba explained in this guide. 

Pre-Departure Information

All participants should prepare to bring the following items with them on the day of their travel:

  • Your passport
  • EEAbroad Travel Letter (click to download and print)
  • Travel Affidavit (click to download and print)
  • Program Calendar (click to download and print)
  • Spending cash for the duration of the program. Remember that credit cards are not accepted in Cuba. You must bring any anticipated spending money in cash only.

Flights and Visa

You will be responsible for purchasing your own flight to Havana, Cuba. Flights to Havana can be easily found with most of the major airlines including Southwest, Jetblue, American, Delta and United. Since travel to Cuba is restricted , the airline will ask you to choose your reason of travel among 13 approved reasons for travel. You will want to choose Educational Activities. Refer to your Travel Affidavit for more details. 

Your Cuban visa will be purchased on the day of your departure at the airport. The Cuban visa fee (also frequently referred to as a Tourist Card) varies from airline to airline but you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$100 per person. Check with your airline on the Cuban Visa requirements and procedure.

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Are you planning on taking photos or documenting your trip abroad with your own personal  blog? Writing a blog while abroad is a great way to share and remember this unforgettable experience. Or maybe you want to document your experience through the lens with your photography and videos? EEAbroad is always looking for students that want to share this memorable experience with the world! Complete the form below if you are interested and we will be in touch with you.

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See you in Cuba!