Sample Program - In The Field: Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba

I had the pleasure working with Claire Kelly to set up an agricultural course in Cuba. There are so many details that have to be worked out given the nature of the relationship between Cuba and the United States and Claire was very receptive to our needs and she and her staff worked professionally to address them. I highly recommend working with EEAbroad.
— - Frank Mangan, PhD Extension faculty, UMass Amherst

A leader in the green movement. A trailblazer in organic and local food. An innovator in farming cooperatives, permaculture, and urban gardening. Cuba is a perfect place to study sustainable agriculture!  Most people know about Cuba's political revolution, but few know about its agricultural one. In the early 1990s the Soviet Union collapsed, and Cuba was suddenly left without its main source of petroleum. Cubans were forced to grow their food without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and other industrial farming tools. 

Facing famine, Cubans reimagined their nation's agricultural systems. By 2006, Cuba was the only country to achieve sustainable development according to the World Wildlife Fund. 

However, the lifting of the US embargo could bring huge waves of change to the country's food economy. 

Get your hands dirty while learning from the farmers and scientists on the front lines of the nation's sustainable agriculture movement. Study the ways economics, politics, and agriculture intersect, using Cuba as a case study in this pivotal moment in its history. Throughout your journey, you'll visit the beautiful provinces of Matanzas, explore the magic of Old Havana and the charm of local farmers markets, and eat some delicious, fresh comida Cubana. 


Sample Daily Itinerary