Experience Cuba Now 

Create your dream trip in eight easy steps:  



1. Complete our Custom Private Tour Form 

Submit your private tour request here and tell us all about the trip you envision and who is going. EEAbroad tours are completely customized according to your interests and budget, so the more details you provide us, the better! 



2. Receive your Private Travel Tour Package 

After we receive your request, we’ll craft and send you an itinerary specifically tailored to your travel interests. We welcome you to get in touch with us at any point during the design process to discuss any details of your tour.



3. Confirm your trip and Pay your deposit

You love your itinerary and are ready to book! Once you confirm with your EEAbroad representative to move forward you will receive your invoice and instructions on paying your non-refundable Trip Planning Fee of $400. Once we receive this deposit, we guarantee your reservations and confirm your accommodations. 




4. GO OVER YOUR ITINERARY with an eeaBROAD Representative

Now that you are confirmed, we go over the itinerary with you to make sure it is exactly as you envisioned! You let us know of any modifications you might want to make and we finalize those details.



5. bOOK Your Flights

Book your flight with any of the major airlines. EEAbroad will  provide you with information on booking your flight, visas, and your specific category of authorized travel. Once the flights are booked, please send your flight details to info@eeabroad.com



6. complete the online guest form & submit final payment

Each guest must complete our online guest form which registers them on the trip. For those with children, please be sure to complete the form on their behalf. Check your invoice for your final payment due date and submit your payment online.




7. Receive the EEAbroad Welcome packet 

After registering each guest, you will receive your welcome packet containing a Cuba Travel Guide to help you prepare for your trip, your itinerary, a map, and other documentation that you will be required to have on the day of your departure.




8. Have a great trip! 

You are going to Cuba! One week before your trip, EEAbroad will send you a final email with last-minute instructions for your arrival to Havana. Your EEAbroad Tour Leader will be waiting for you at the airport.