Discover the magic and mystery of Cuba—a European colonial bastion that went on to spark revolution and inspire artists from Hemingway to Diego Rivera to Beyoncé.  Cuba is known for its white beaches, vintage cars, classic cocktails, and famous cigars, but there's so much more to discover about our island neighbor. In this program, you'll experience Cuba far beyond the beaten path.  Study Spanish at a prestigious university in Havana, and learn alongside students from across Cuba and around the world. Immerse yourself in Cuban life today through our signature Culture course; get an inside look at the nation's politics, economy, healthcare, religion, and art through expert lectures and visits that connect classroom learning to the real world. Join us and discover for yourself why Cuba has captured hearts and minds for generations. 



Students are immersed in Spanish language study in Havana. Thanks to a rich course offering, students are able to study Spanish at any fluency level. And we do mean any  level! Whether you're a beginner learning your first words, or an advanced speaker who converses with ease, we offer a course that's right for you.  Students integrate directly into pre-existing short-term semester courses, allowing them to meet and learn alongside other students, Cuban and foreign.


Cultural History of Cuba: COURSE OVERVIEW

Cuba is a country of paradoxes: stunning architecture and crumbling cities, exceptional healthcare and widespread poverty, strong ideals and simmering social tensions, world-renowned art and restricted civil liberties. Through this course, students gain an inside look into this dynamic and complex country. Expert lectures are paired with eye-opening excursions and interactive activities that make classroom learning come alive.  Educators, you can customize this program to focus on a topic such as education, healthcare, religion, the arts, and more. Or, keep it broad to give students a comprehensive view of modern-day Cuba. Instructors may also opt to teach this course themselves. If so, we are more than happy to organize visits and activities that complement an instructor's classroom curriculum. Either way, this course is the perfect introduction to the island nation.  

Daily Itinerary