Legal Travel to Cuba with EEAbroad


The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) within the U.S. Department of the Treasury regulates travel to Cuba for American citizens. Currently all U.S. travelers must qualify under one of 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba. All EEAbroad travelers on a tour will qualify under the category of Educational Activities - People-to-People Travel.

To qualify under the people-to-people category, travelers must belong to an organized tour through a licensed tour company under U.S. jurisdiction and they must always be accompanied by a company representative. Travelers also must maintain a full-time schedule of educational and cultural exchange activities intended to create meaningful interaction between the traveler and the people of Cuba. Records of all transactions related to Cuba travel should be saved for a minimum of five years in the event they are requested by OFAC.

The current restrictions also prohibit “direct financial transactions” with Cuban military assets on the Cuba Restricted List. By enrolling in an EEAbroad tour, you are assured that all interactions will adhere to these OFAC guidelines.