Get off the well-worn tourist paths and discover authentic Cuba. Politics, art, history, economics, food, business, healthcare, education, religion, and culture--Panoramic Cuba offers it all! 

Live in Havana, the political, economic, and social hub of the island nation. Walk the streets of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and soak in the Caribbean sights and sounds of the city.  In dynamic classroom sessions, learn from Cuban experts about the strengths and struggles of their country, and the waves of change that have begun to hit the island nation. 

Each lesson is paired with in-depth visits to schools, clinics, government offices, museums, hotels, factories, and neighborhoods, allowing students to explore modern life in Cuba for themselves. Excursions to the gorgeous Vinales Valley and to Matanzas, a beautiful port city that was once the center of Cuba's sugar industry, expose students to Cuba's rich history and stunning natural sights. 

 And, of course, no visit to Cuba would be complete without music, dance, and delicious food! From salsa classes and live jazz to the best of local cuisine, Panoramic Cuba immerses students in La Vida Cubana. 


Sample Daily Itinerary