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Private Travel Tours


Explore Cuba with EEAbroad and experience the journey of a lifetime! From revolution to rumba, colonial relics to the Castro brothers, mojitos to the mysteries of santeriá, vintage cars to the vistas of untouched tropical landscapes, our island neighbor offers magic and discovery for every traveler. With the recent passing of Fidel Castro and the thawing of US-Cuba relations, rapid waves of change are hitting the island. Now is the time to experience Cuba for yourself. Let EEAbroad take you past the headlines and brochure blurbs, and into the heart of la vida cubana

FULLY Customized LEGAL Travel for your group


Every EEAbroad Private Travel Tour is entirely customized for groups of 4 or more only. Whether your hope is to explore the island’s lush mountains and pristine coastline with local naturalists, to dance and drum to the pulsing rhythms Afro-Cuban beats alongside renowned Cuban musicians, to get your hands dirty alongside the farmers leading Cuba’s green revolution, or learn about the country’s rich history as you walk the cobblestoned streets of its preserved colonial cities with an expert historian, we can craft a journey that’s perfect for you.

As any Cubano will tell you, the best (and truly only) way to experience the real Cuba is through its people. We weave meaningful immersion interactions into every journey we create. As a legal tour provider, we comply with all of OFAC’s Cuba travel regulations — including those instituted by the current administration. This means that we provide tours that are in compliance with US regulations for travel to Cuba, which require each traveler to be engaged in a full-time schedule of educational and culturally-based exchange activities intended to create meaningful interaction between the traveler and the people of Cuba. With EEAbroad, you’ll learn about the island directly from the Cuban teachers, activists, artists, musicians, environmentalists, journalists, and community leaders who know the island best. Through their stories, perspectives, and insights, you’ll gain a unique look into the fabric of life in today’s Cuba.


Sample Private Tour Itineraries

From the best of Havana to add-on excursions outside the city, EEAbroad can tailor your tour to suit your interests.  Take a look at a few sample private tours that EEAbroad can design for  your group and get inspired!

Classic Havana and Beyond

Walk the streets of Old Havana and listen to the stories beyond its crumbling palacios and vintage cars. Immerse yourself in the city’s thriving art scene and meet the artists, musicians and dancers who give it its pulse. Eat fresh produce off the vines at an organic farm and learn how Cuba has quietly become a pioneer in the environmental movement. You’ll see Havana’s famous sites, and discover the city’s hidden treasures off the beaten path. Join us, and discover one of the world’s most captivating cities.


Uncover the magic and mystery of Cuba through the art of photography. Join EEAbroad and one of Cuba’s premier photography schools for the opportunity of a lifetime: To experience the island by capturing its architecture, landscapes, people, food, and city life through your camera lens. This tour pairs expert, personal training with photo-journeys that immerse you in the sights, sounds, tastes, and rhythms of today’s Cuba. Whether you’re an experienced photographer looking to refine your skills, or a beginner just getting behind the lens for the first time, this tour will help unlock your potential.


Interested in exploring Cuba outside of Havana? Want to add on a 4-night excursion to your Havana-focused program? Consider these mini excursions to destinations that are not to be missed on the island.

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