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At EEAbroad we know that experiential learning happens off the beaten path. We have the expertise, connections, and resources to design the best and most unique programs for you and your students. We specialize in short-term programs that combine rigorous academics with genuine cultural immersion. Afro-Cuban music and dance; history, culture and politics; language; business; education; sustainable agriculture -- we’ve done it all. Explore our sample itineraries below to get inspired and contact us to submit a proposal request to see what we can do for you!

Cuba Today


Immerse yourself in the vibrant history, language, and culture of Cuba. Take Spanish classes at a prestigious Cuban university, and gain an in-depth look at Cuban life through expert lectures, exclusive visits, and interactive excursions. This program is the perfect introduction to our dynamic island neighbor. 

Agriculture in Cuba

IN THE FIELD: sustainable agriculture in cuba

Experience Cuba from the ground up! Get your hands dirty alongside farmers and scientists while exploring the island's rich history, food, and culture. From farmers' markets to permaculture projects, you'll get to know Cuba from root to leaf. 

Business in Cuba


After six decades of "command economy," dynamic change is sweeping Cuba. Get an exclusive look into the nation's business world at this pivotal moment in its history.  Learn from top economic experts and entrepreneurs while experiencing the best of Cuban sights, food, and culture.  

Panoramic Cuba

Panoramic cuba: hISTORY, lIFE & cULTURE

Are you ready to live and breathe Cuba? To walk the streets of Old Havana, salsa to a live band, and eat authentic comida Cubana? To learn from Cuban expertos about the nation's history, politics, education, healthcare, art, and religion? To interact with everyday Cubans and make a positive mark through community service? Panoramic Cuba offers all this and more. 


Education Practicums in havana

In partnership with one of Cuba’s top universities of education, these programs offer the rare opportunity for deep immersion in Cuba’s classrooms, engagement with students and teachers, and access to one of the island’s premier teacher training programs.

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